YND Wants Yankee Troops Out of West Philippine Sea

Manila—Members of Youth for Nationalism and Democracy(YND) under Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya (KPD) marched to US embassy today bearing a replica of the disputed Scarborough Shoal and big hands that bore the message: “US Keep Away from the West Philippine Sea!”

According to youth leader Elmer Arisgado, “We want to send a strong message to the US that we are not fooled by his Big Brother act. We want him to keep out of our internal affairs such as the issue between us and China. Huwag nya tayong ibuyo sa gera na tayo ang mapipinsala habang sya naman ang gaganansya,”

He adds that the coming of the most stealthiest, most advance technology nuclear submarine like the USS North Carolina to our waters is clearly intended to project US military might against perceived ‘threats’, which in this case is directed against China and intended for the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

KPD pointed out that such ‘macho moves’ by self-appointed global policeman, the United States, only aggravates tension between the Philippines and China rather than the opposite.

Arisgado laments the fact that even the Department of Foreign Affairs are surprised by the unannounced port calls and so-called visits of US military vessels and forces. “We condemn the repeated violations of our territorial integrity. These troop visits are intrusions to our sovereignty and should be stopped.”

“ As a sovereign nation we should stand our ground, and not turn to another big power to watch our backs. We might be stabbed at the back in the end since our interests are not necessarily the interest of our allies, like the US eyeing the exclusive right to exploit the rich resources of the region, “ended Arisgado. ####


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