No WAY sa Karagdagang Dayuhang Militar sa Pinas!

“Di nyo kami malalansi!” [You can’t fool us]

This was the message as members of Youth for Nationalism and Democracy in the face of Palace pronouncements that negotiations for increased US and Australian troops presence are underway.

“Opening our doors to more US and Australian troops puts our nation’s sovereignty and independence at risk, as today Philippine Senate ratified the extension of the Status of Visiting forces Agreement between Philippines and Australia.” This was the statement of Elmer Aresgado, spokesperson for Youth for Nationalism and Democracy – KPD.

He added that the real reason for US and Australia build up in Asia is to contain China – which the US sees as a viable economic threat to its continued domination in this part of the globe.

“The US is promoting hegemony and interventionist antics in the Asia Pacific through new types of basing arrangements. Australian version of Visiting Forces Agreement known as SOVFA has the same purpose as the U.S. They might not have permanent bases but surely they have permanent presence,” added Aresgado.  “It is an imposition no self-respecting nation should allow to continue,” pointed out Aresgado.


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