YND Solidarity Message to the People of Venezuela in the Death of Pres. Hugo Chavez

Hugo ChavezTo the Venezuelan people and to the oppressed and exploited people of the world,
We the YND (Youth for Nationalism and Democracy-Philippines) would like to express our deep sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the death of a revolutionary leader Pres. Hugo Chavez. It is not only the Venezuelan people who suffered and grieved but the whole world as well.
As the Filipino people embark upon the struggle to fight against poverty, starvation, malnourishment, illiteracy, soaring prices of water and electricity, as well as the increasingly privatized healthcare, housing, transportation and education, we come face to face with imperialism as the root cause of these social issues.
Challenging this global paradigm was made a lot easier by the determination, drive and strength of character shown by Pres. Hugo Chavez alongside the Venezuelan people.
Pres. Hugo Chavez like any other revolutionary leaders helped in building the forces to defy this system. He proved that socialism is really possible and still the best system if we want to end social ills that confront the whole world. His life was remarkable in every inch because he did not bow down and stood firm amidst the pressure from imperialist nations. He transformed Venezuela into a nation that caters to the needs of the masses.
The late Pres. Hugo Chavez may have died but his legacy will remain in the hearts and minds of the people whom he had served with his life… a life that inspired millions of ordinary people to make the dream of a better and humane world a reality. His death is truly a big loss yet to the people who depended on him and to the progressive community especially among the youth; it is also a big challenge. We must continue the heroic battle he started against imperialism, the future of this world lies in the hands of the youth.
Making this life testament an inspiration, the Youth for Nationalism and Democracy (YND) will vigorously fight and struggle to change the prevailing system; for the liberation not only of the Filipino people but also of the masses of the world who remain victims of the system that breeds ruthless injustice and inequality.
The road towards freedom has always been rough yet as we till the land and as the reasons to revolt remains, revolutionary leaders that chose the path that Pres. Hugo Chavez took will continue to emerge.
No matter how rough the journey is, it will be worthwhile. Together with the toiling masses of the world the revolution will continue and the Filipino people will succeed.
Let us struggle with all our rage!
Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

March 14, 2013
University of the Philippines
College of Science, Auditorium


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