Sing to me the song of freedom!

Say the words of bye and bye

From the scourge of darkness,

The dying day light,

The sea is quite,

Forest is silent,

The clouds are darkened shades

The piercing night to the heathens


Children dying in streets,

a deafening silence of death abode

The branches of hunger souls,

Twigs of suffering engulfed the innocence,

Yelling sounds of freedom from sudden sorrows

Say to me sobbingsongs

Say to me the wailing voice of thirst


Sing to me the song of freedom;

Tell me the tragic story Hanjin workers in Bay

The Hunger strike of Digitel workers in picket line

Whisper their daily throng from life given by the folly

Tell me the story of workers from construction sites

Tell me the story of casual workers in mushroomed malls,

their worries of being unhired in next few months

Vendors in streets, catches all dust and sticks,



Stiff, stiff not our eyes before this snare of dying night

Sneer, sneer in this less breath, before this breath subsides

Prick, prick of days end, will not spare you in final judgment

Sheer, sheer our sadness, save our strength for victory’s end

We the people, marching ahead the debacle of oppression

We the people, singing the song freedom from all forms of alienation



poem by Von Adlawan of YND – NCRImage



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