First Night

Alas, the last bastion of elite democracy

favored the Digitel workers- 25-0 the case won

But the victory has yet to resume a joyous jubilation

Monster has devoured his own workers from nothing-to nothingness!

The guess was right, economicpower begot political powers

It was not hid- after the Digitel was bought by greedy MVP

The workers deprived with their foods daily!

It was first of the nights of hunger strike that cast

Under the acacia trees the protest was born

It was filled of gloomy remorse

The listening ears of birds have wailed an agitation

It was the satire of a story line

As the workers dispersed in picket line,

The print media– the ally of corporate greed has reported a peaceful strife

But it was the report fully paid a resort of lies

With bastion and shield of security guards, how can you name such?

How can you be peaceful, if all lights put off in dawn rife?

And the men in blue declared,a dispersal awaken the sleeping night

I condemn such absence human relation

Why do we not care?

They have been pricked, pricked and pricked till death?

But why they have deprived of modesty?

If modest is an absence of freedom

An absence of voice

Is this filthy a silence of the grave?

Are they not human being?

Are they not someone like every one of us who has family to feed?

Daily, daily, they will erupt and disturb the silence of Makati

The silence from exploitation- is killing you, and killing our future

It’s killing our children,your children in this generation and generations to come

Are you contend- contend not with the pestering malady!

of corporate power over law, over our human dignity and lives

the law says in pretend that we are in level, it’s a joke,

highways,trees which older than Gods, It’s a joke that

Have thrive to own by the mortal?

Corporate- law are one,

they are build to deliver the oppressed into the carnage of defeat!!

And the workers-masses are one;

they will dig the grave dwellings of their own oppressors!!

Let’s break the silence of long, high built rocks

Let’s expose, dispose their pretensions


a poem by Vonn Adlawan

YND – NCRDEU on strike


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