What is the Youth for Nationalism and Democracy (YND)?

It is a political center of the youth movement. YND represents the most advanced analysis of Philippine society, broad, sectoral and local issues confronting the student, youth and the Filipino people as a whole. It firmly believes that the semi-feudal, neo-colonial character of Philippine society can be resolved only by pursuing a national democratic movement, which is our assertion of national sovereignty, and realizing the interests of other democratic classes and sectors.

It is a national democratic mass organization. YND is open to all young people who are willing to work and participate in the struggle for national democracy. It accepts membership without discrimination provided they are ready to abide by the principles, program, constitution of the organization. The mass character of the organization can only be achieved through the building of its chapters in the schools and communities. These chapters will ensure that YND is deeply rooted among the masses of the youth and students.

It is an activist organization. YND will serve as a venue in training and tempering the youth to become determined national democratic activists, upholding the ideals and program of the national democratic movement.

It fully reflects the central task of the youth. To arouse, organize, and mobilize the youth as a powerful coordinate of the masses led by the working class in the great national democratic movement through its national democratic propaganda movement; to actively participate in the struggles of the basic masses and to lead the struggle for students democratic rights and welfare.


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